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Winter 2015
» President's Message
» APACVS Members Elect New Board of Directors Members and Announces 2015 Leadership Fellows
» Gaining Cardiothoracic Surgery Knowledge and Experience Continues to be a Focus
» The PA Profession & Independent Practice: A Modern Day Clinical Reality
» Brief Clinical Report: Vein Study
» 2015 News and Notes
» APACVS Annual Meeting in Vegas
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The mission of CardioVISION™ is to provide a means of communicating pertinent information among practitioners of the specialty and among related professionals in the medical field and industry. CardioVISION™ is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal that includes articles on practice issues, credentialing issues, educational opportunities and more. CardioVISION™ also includes classified job ads and industry advertisements.

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President's Message
David E. Lizotte, Jr. PA-C, MPAS, FAPACVS
David E. Lizotte, Jr.

Dear Colleagues:

As president of the APACVS, it is my great pleasure to share some information about the upcoming 34th Annual Meeting of the APACVS, March 1-4, 2015 at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year, attendees will find that the educational opportunities being offered are unparalleled. Our program committee has put together an exciting program with numerous national and international experts in their fields as well as concurrent hands-on sessions that will permit you to practice a variety of skills and procedures necessary for your daily practice. More...

APACVS Members Elect New Board of Directors Members and Announces 2015 Leadership Fellows
Thomas Massing, MS, PA-C, FAPACVS,CAQ – TCVS
Thomas Massing

The members of the association have elected Shawn Gage, PA-C; Aaron Morton, PA-C; and Ryan O’Gowan, PA-C, FAPACVS to be Members-at-Large of the APACVS Board of Directors. My personal feeling and information for the membership is that each of these individuals ran unsuccessfully in the last election. It is a testimony to their desire for service and to the association that one lost election does not mark a candidate. More...

Gaining Cardiothoracic Surgery Knowledge and Experience Continues to be a Focus
David J. Bunnell, MSHS, PA-C
David J. Bunnell

“The future depends on what you do today” – Mahatma Gandhi

PA students are joining APACVS in record numbers. The arrival of this new talent on the scene inspires an old question…”How do I gain the knowledge, skills, network, and confidence to be a CVT PA?” Yes, this specialty is a mountain to be climbed. Mountains are big and intimidating but they were made to be climbed. Others have reached the summit and are happy to show you the way. More...

The PA Profession & Independent Practice: A Modern Day Clinical Reality
Michael C. Doll, PA-C, FAPACVS, DFAAPA
Michael C. Doll

In a recent discussion with a fellow PA about the PA profession, the topic of independent vs. dependent practice came up. Physicians are seen as independent providers and PAs are seen as dependent providers. In cardiac surgery (my specialty) I cannot do open heart surgery by myself; I need my surgeon. Upon making that statement, my fellow PA (retired from family practice) said “Your surgeon cannot operate without you. He’s dependent upon you”. That statement, as it relates to modern day PA practice, was an epiphany for me. To have a successful surgical outcome, my surgeon is not only “dependent” upon me as his first assistant but he is also depends upon the scrub nurse, the circulating nurse, the CNRA, the lab tech, the CT ICU nurse and many other clinicians and hospital employees. More...

Brief Clinical Report: Vein Study

Greater saphenous vein (GSV) harvest for use as a coronary artery bypass conduit has evolved from an open technique with an incision, or series of incisions, from the groin to ankle to the minimally invasive endoscopic vein harvest (EVH) technique employed almost universally today. Traditionally, the proximal and distal ends of the GSV are ligated under direct vision by using the “stab & grab” technique where a small incision is made, the vein is manipulated by a hemostat or comparable instrument and presented to the operator on the outside of the leg to be ligated. More...

2015 News and Notes

Michael C. Doll, PA-C FAPACVS, DFAAPA is a 2015 AAPA Presidential candidate. He is a practicing CVT PA, current AAPA Board of Directors Member, and Past President of APACVS. Elections will be held in April 2015. More...

APACVS Annual Meeting in Vegas

APACVS Annual Meeting in Vegas

The 34th Annual Meeting of the APACVS will be held in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel on March 1-4, 2015. This is an exciting year for the Association as we explore a new pattern for our meeting with the majestic appeal of Vegas as our backdrop. The 34th Annual Meeting will include breakout sessions in Cardiac, Vascular, and Thoracic Surgery and state of the art hands on training. We are incorporating our acclaimed BioSkills training into this meeting as well as new Sternal Closure and Vascular Skills courses. More...

Annual Practice and Compensation Survey – Your Feedback Counts!

APACVS Annual Practice and Compensation Survey – Your Feedback Counts! The APACVS is conducting its annual survey of CVT PAs and is asking for your input. This year, we will be providing one lucky participant with a $250 Amazon Gift Card for their valuable feedback and completion of the survey. The Profile is consistently ranked as the most important membership benefit, but its reliability depends entirely upon you, particularly in order to provide the information for subgroups that everyone is interested in - practice scope, demographic differences, and experience levels - with statistical confidence.

For more than 25 years, the APACVS annual reports have been used by APACVS members, hospital administrators, HR departments, and employing physicians to substantiate our increasing responsibility and value in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery.

We need your input to ensure that this report truly represents a reflection of our professions value. A copy of the report will be added to the Members Only area of the APACVS website.

Proceed to Survey button

We thank you in advance for your participation and continuous support of the APACVS.

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